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Beneficial effects for potassic fertilization of apples in China | English

Yield, Coloring rate and Sugar content markedly improved by foliar application of Multi-K
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Increasing N and Ca levels in apples | English

Foliar nutrition with Haifa Cal significantly increased Calcium (Ca) content of  apple fruits
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Apricot quality improvement of early season varieties in Australia | English

Foliar application of Bonus npK as fruit began to grow, improved fruit size distribution and its sugar content
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Foliar nutrition enhanced citrus productivity in China | English

Multi-K sprays reduced fruit splitting rate, increased yield and total soluble solids (TSS)

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Haifa Bonus improves export quality of citrus fruit | English

A remarkable and highly significant increase in export quality fruit due to decreased rind defects
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Israel: flowering induction in mango | English

Foliar application of Haifa's Multi-K induced flowering and improved size distribution, which resulted in yield increase

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Potassic fertilization of mango trees | English

Foliar nutrition with Multi-K at application rate of 2%, increased yield by 2.6 MT per hectare
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Haifa Bonus enhanced dormancy break in pear | English

One timely spray of significant gaines can be achieved from improvement in size distribution. The yield was considerably increased by increasing fruit size

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Plum fruit quality improved in Australia | English

significant gain achieved from improvement in fruit size distribution followed foliar nutrition with Haifa Bonus

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Dormancy break in table grape, Israel | English

Combined application of Dormex with Multi-K, enhanced flowering uniformity and reduced phytotoxicity and costs
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How to increase citrus fruit size in Israel | English

A single foliar application of Haifa Bonus 12-2-44 increased potassium (K) level in leaves and fruit size distribution
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Olive fertilizer: Multi-K increased the oil content of olives | English

The trial, conducted in Turkey, resulted in increased quality of the olives, as well as more pulp and higher oil content
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