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Head Office

CEO & Deputy ChairmanMr. Nadav Shachar
CFOMr. Tamir Kadishi
VP Marketing & SalesMr. Natan Feldman
VP OperationsMr. Amihai zaider
VP Business DevelopmentMr. Rafi Shlomi
VP Resources & Supply ChainMr. Nir Yitzhaki
AddressP.O.Box 15011, Matam-Haifa, 31905, Israel
Haifa Group is an Israel-based multinational corporation and a global leading supplier of potassium nitrate for agriculture and industry, specialty plant nutrients and food phosphates. Renowned for its pioneering spirit and innovative solutions, Haifa was founded in 1966 by the Israeli government and under private ownership since 1989. Haifa’s global operations span in over 100 countries across 5 continents with 12 subsidiaries and 3 production plants.
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