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Israel Office

Established as a section of the marketing unit in 1973, Israel office is now an independent unit, providing full support to the Israeli growers.
Pioneering products: Israel office supplies water soluble fertilizers for intensive agriculture and top-quality export crops, and controlled release fertilizers for a variety of agricultural applications. It also provides high-quality food phosphates, mainly for the meat processing industry.
Haifa's fertilizers are a major factor in the Israeli fertilizing practice, thus providing the best solution for the Israeli grower.
Pioneering knowledge: Haifa has gathered vast parts of its experience in field trials conducted in Israel. Collaborations between Israel office agronomists, Israeli farmers and agriculture experts yielded priceless know-how now helps farmers worldwide to grow better crops.
Pioneering support: Israel office is known for its innovation, creativity and knowledge, alongside a dedicated customer service, all for the grower's benefit.
RegionIsrael Office
ManagerMs. Adina Breier
AddressP.O.Box 15011, Matam-Haifa, 31905, Israel


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