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Tomato crop guide – get the most of your tomato fertilizer

Nutritional recommendations for tomato, in open-field, tunnels and greenhouse

Haifa believes that knowing more helps you to grow better. The plant nutrition knowledge we have gathered over the years is of high value for all growers, and our crop guides serve as an excellent source of practical knowledge.

The tomato crop guide provides a thorough knowledge base for tomato growers, from general information to growing conditions, to plant nutrition and fertilization recommendations under various growth environments. All meant to help you to get the most out of your tomato fertilizer.



  1. About the crop
  2. Growing conditions
  3. Plant nutrition
  4. Fertilization recommendations
    Appendix I: NutrigationTM (Fertigation)
    Appendix II: Plant analysis guide
    Appendix III: Haifa specialty fertilizers
    Appendix IV: Conversion tables



This guide joins our line of specific crop guides: Pepper, Cucumber, Potato, Citrus, Banana, Rice, Olive and Strawberry.

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Obtenir un plan de nutrition

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