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Arbres fruitiers

Fertilization of cherry trees: when and how? | English

Follow Haifa's recommendation to supply the cherry tree with the needed nutrients. Plus: find out what is the best season for foliar feeding
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Deciduous trees: A Fertilization recommendation for bearing orchards | English

Haifa's fertigation program and recommended fertilizers help the deciduous tree get the required nutrients – and blossom
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How to increase lychee yield | English

By following Haifa's fertilization recommendation, it is possible to achieve mean lychee yield increase
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How to grow healthy and beautiful longan fruits | English

By following our fertilization recommendation, the longan can absorb all the needed nutrients, and grow healthy fruit
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Fertilization of nectarines in Spain | English

Haifa's fertilizers supply the crop with all its nutritional requirements, so the nectarine tree grows healthy and vigorous, giving beautiful fruit
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Growing persimmons without nutrient deficiencies | English

By using Haifa's fertilizers and following our fertilization program, the persimmons get all the nutrients needed in order to give outstanding fruits
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Fertilization of pomelo trees in tropical climate | English

The detailed fertigation schedule will allow you to avoide nutrients deficiencies, and grow beautiful and healthy pomelo
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Obtenir un plan de nutrition

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