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Farmer's Mind Everywhere: Growers' Success Stories

Growers from around the world use Haifa's products and benefit from growth, profitability and optimal plant nutrition. These are their success stories

Better potato yield by using Haifa Multicote™ Agri in South Africa

Learn how a South African potato grower enjoys an impressive yield of 75 ton/Ha and benefit from bigger tubers, lower operating costs, and an extra income generating yield.
Crop: Potato
Haifa fertilizers in use: Multicote™ Agri 

Better crop performance with Haifa Multicote Agri: Controlled Release Fertilizer

Pieter Saaiman, crop solution specialist with Inteligro, knows all about onion seed growing shares his experiance withMulticote™ Agri “The plants are healthier for longer and this also reflects in the improved quality and yield"
Crop: Onion
Haifa fertilizers in use: Multicote™ Agri, Turbo-K  

Multicote™ Agri for Avocado – A Multi-Success

Strong and vital seedlings, shiny and saturaterd-colored leaves, developed canopy and rapid yield – these are just a few of the results reported by avocado growers in Western Galilee, Israel, who fertilize young groves with Multicote™ Agri.
Crop: Avocado
Haifa fertilizers in use: Multicote™  

Greek Kiwifruits boost with Haifa Turbo-K™

Kiwifruits enjoys a reputation of both a unique and tasty fruit as well as a healthy fruit with outstanding healthy nutrition values. Applying precise plant nutrition to the Kiwifruit vines is critical to obtain maximum quality yield.
Crop: Kiwifruit
Haifa fertilizers in use: Haifa Turbo-K™  

Optimal Cherry growth in Aragon, Spain

 Learn how Haifa Poly-Feed™ helped Spanish cherry grower answer the need for a efficient, pure and high in potassium fertilizer

‘Optimal plant growth while enjoying huge savings’

Haifa Multicote™ products provide us with a huge saving on our annual fertilizer account.

Haifa Group supports the Israeli pavilion at EXPO Milano 2015

Optimized plan nutrition makes the Vertical Field at EXPO Milano 2015 a success.

"An excellent yield quality with Haifa’s Greenhouse Grade products"

Owned by three partners, the Los Mogotes farm is known by its quality tomatoes and chili peppers.
Crop: Tomatoes, chili peppers..
Haifa fertilizers in use:  Poly-Feed GG™, Haifa Cal

"The best papaya yield in Gujarat"

With a yield of 200 Ton/Hectare, Mr. Pushprajsinh Shivsinh Rathod is proud to have the record for papaya yield in the Gujarat district, India.
Crop: Papaya.
Haifa fertilizers in use: Multi-K™, Poly-Feed GG™

"Fertilizing with Multicote™ Agri is simple and effective"

Erasto Mendoza Martínez grows Mexican limes and enjoys the benefits of Haifa's controlled release fertilizers.
Crop: Mexican lime.
Haifa fertilizers in use: Multicote™ Agri, Poly-Feed™, Haifa ProteK™, Haifa Turbo-K™

"Fertigation delivers all-round benefits"

Babyleaf vegetables are being harvested up to two weeks earlier and yielding almost double that of initial production levels on the south-east Queensland property of Shannon Moss from Australia.
Crops: baby leaf vegetables, including lettuces, spinach, rocket, red beat and Asian varieties.
Haifa fertilizers in use: Haifa Cal™, Poly-Feed™ GG

"The best products for the best quality"

Once starting to use Haifa fertilizers for his gardening plants, Janwillem Bakhuyzen from the Netherlands has never been more pleased with the quality of his plants.
Crops: gardening plants, mainly Skimmia and Pernettya varieties
Haifa fertilizers in use: Haifa Protek™, Soluplant™ Multi, Soluplant™ Solid.

"The solubility and nutrient absoprtion by plants are incredible"

With a 2,800m2 greenhouse, Daniel Fonseca from Brazil can't emphasize enough his satisfaction with Haifa water soluble fertilizers. "I won't replace them with any other product. The results are immediate".
Crops: Lettuce, Arugula, Watercress
Haifa fertilizers in use: Multi npK™, Haifa Cal GG™, Haifa MAP™ and Magnisal™.

"Haifa products provide the best nutrient balance"

Haifa products are used at the the Hortisen de Atlixco farm in Mexico for over a decade. "The high quality fertilizers are free of undesired material ions"
Crop: Grape tomatoes
Haifa fertilizers in use: Haifa Cal™ GG, Multi NPK™ and Haifa MKP™.

Optimizing Asparagus with Haifa

Yossi Evyatar, an Israeli grower, has been using Haifa fertilizers for many years. "I follow the fertilization programs on Haifa's website and the results are always good", he says.
Crops: Asparagus, Broccolini
Haifa fertilizers in use: Multi-K™, Haifa MAP™

Fertirrigation Almond crop in Zamora, Spain

 Learn how Haifa Poly-Feed™ helped Spanish Almond grower answer the need for cultivating efficiently for optimum  growth

Greenhouse grown bell peppers with Multicote™ Agri

Learn how a South African greenhouse grown bell peppers grower enjoys an ease of application and reduced nutrient supply via the traditional fertigation system.
Crop: Bell Peppers
Haifa fertilizers in use: Multicote™ Agri

Multicote Agri proves to be the winning recipe for potato during heavy rainfall

Learn how during heavy rainfall in South Africa, haifa's Multicote Agri offered greater nutrient availability to the crop .
Crop: Potatoes
Haifa fertilizers in use: Multicote™ Agri

The Costa family almond operation

Learn how the Costa family expanded their almond growing enterprise by changing their nutrition strategy.
Crop: Almonds
Haifa fertilizers in use: Multi-K™, Poly-Feed™ GG.
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