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Ricerche sulle colture erbacee

Poly-Feed increased wheat yield in Brazil | English

By spraying Poly-Feed 19-19-19+ME, the wheat gave higher yield, and as a result raised the revenue

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How to increase Maize yield in Mexico | English

By applying Multi-npK in side dressing, the fertilizer increased revenues per hectare

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Poly-Feed enhanced wheat yield in Russia | English

Better vegetative development and higher grain yield were obtained following foliar sprays of Poly-Feed booster and Poly wheat
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China: major limiting factors for rice production | English

Yield increase follows foliar spray with Multi-K indicates that Potassium is one of the major limiting factor for higher crop productivity
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Fertilization of rice: Good return for small investment | English

Repeated positive results were obtained in Rice follows foliar application with Multi-K in Vietnam
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Summer grown rice in the Philippines | English

Positive response to Multi-K application, all other vegetative and productive parameters were markedly and significantly enhanced
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Rice fertilizer: foliar nutrition of rice increased the yield | English

The field trial, conducted in Thailand, tested the effect of three foliar applications of multi-npK (13-3-43) as the rice fertilizer, compared to the traditional growing method. The results: increased yield and revenue

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Sugar-Beet response to foliar nutrition | English

Two foliar sprays with Multi-KMg resulted in significant increase in several yield parameters and in crop resistance to diseases
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Fertilization of Sugar-Beet in Russia | English

Haifa's Poly Sugar-Beet enhanced the vegetative development of the plants and resulted in higher root yield

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Multi-K in Sugar Cane - Side dressing | English

Split application of Multi-K increased yield by 16 MT per hectare compared to a single application of MOP

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India: breakthrough in fertilization of sugar cane | English

High net benefit for application of Multi-K via fertigation, increased number of nodes per cane and the inter-nodal distance
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Multicote Agri incresded sweet corn yield in Israel | English

Even though total applied nitrogen was reduced by 25%, a significant yield increase was obtained following a single application of Multicote Agri
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Fertilization of forage corn with Multicote Agri | English

Pre planting application of Multicote Agri resulted in 10% yield increase, even though nitrogen application rate was reduced significantly
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Foliar nutrition increased Soybean grains weight | English

A significant increase in yield and weight of grains was obtained following two foliar applications of Multi-K
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Multicote Agri has been used successfully in sugar cane | English

Pre planting application of Multicote Agri significantly reduced the nutrients application rates without any reduction in crop yield and its quality
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Multicote agri reduced N application rate in Wheat | English

37.5% reduction in N application resulted in a slight and insignificant reduction in total yield, protein content and net income
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