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137 Résultats de la recherche pour le marqueur : Haifa MAP

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Pomegranate fertilization: supplying the right fertilizers for optimal plant nutrition | English

How to use Haifa's fertilizers to supply the pomegranate trees with the all the nutrients needed for high yield and excellent fruit quality
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Fertilization of clover (whole plant) | English

Recommnedation for fertilization of clover in open-field
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Effect of fertigation strategy on nitrate availability and nitrate leaching under micro-irrigation | English | Blaine Hanson, Jan Hopmans and Jirka Simunek

Micro-irrigation has the potential of precisely applying water and fertilizer both in location and in quantity. Fertigation is the process of applying fertilizers through the irrigation water. However, under micro-irrigation, soil water content, root distribution, and solute concentration vary spatially around the drip line. This variability could result in fertilizer applied through the irrigation system being leached beyond the area of the highest root density unless careful management of both water and fertilizer is practiced.
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Summary of N, P, and K Research with Eggplant in Florida | English | George Hochmuth and Ed Hanlon

Current eggplant fertilization recommendations are based on published field research, and a compilation of this literature contained in this document will assist with making valid fertilizer recommendations that are both commercially viable and that reduce risk of environmental consequences in adjacent water bodies
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Using Poly-Feed ™ fertilizer in almond crop cultivation. San Cebrián de Castro (Zamora, Spain) | English

Haifa Iberia has made several visits to new almond plantations in the Zamora area, which are using the Poly-Feed ™ fertilizer to perform the crop fertirrigation and have been able to exchange views with farmers in the area.
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Fertigation in micro-irrigated horticultural crops: vegetables | English | Salvadore J. Locascio

Fertigation is the application of soluble nutrients via the irrigation water; its use in vegetable production has increased with the introduction of polyethylene mulch and drip irrigation, and it is an efficient means to apply fertilizer to the root zone. For efficient use of fertigation, water application and nutrient application must be precisely managed, to prevent over-watering and nutrient leaching.
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"The solubility and nutrient absorption by plants are incredible" | English

With a 2,800m2 greenhouse, Daniel Fonseca from Brazil can't empahsize enough his satisfication with Haifa water soluble fertilizers. "I won't replace them with any other product. The results are immediate"
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Years of soil improvement boosts Calavos capsicums | English | mars 2013

The Queensland capsicum grower discovered the benefits of Haifa's fertilizers: the high efficiency and solubility, reduction in electricity consumption and more
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