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Haifa China

Haifa China was established in 1994, in order to serve the Chinese market.


Pioneering products: Haifa China supplies pioneering products for the local agriculture market: cash crops, including greenhouse vegetables, fruit trees, cotton and more. Haifa China also supplies technical potassium nitrate, used in the production of touch panels. Haifa China continuously introduces new technologies and products to fulfill the needs of a fast-developing agriculture and industry.


Pioneering knowledge & support: Haifa China provides integrated plant nutrition solutions, accompanied by outstanding service and technical support.
Haifa China is devoted to the farmers and responsive to their needs, thereby contributing to the development of agriculture in China.

SubsidiaryHaifa China
ManagerMs. Peng (Shirley) Bo
AddressRoom 602,Fesco Mansion  A,NO.15, XiDaWang Road, ChaoYang District, Beijing, PRC,  P.C.100022


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