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SMART! Fertilizer Management Software

The Innovative software tool helps growers accurately calculate fertilizer formulas. Purchase SMART! software license through Haifa's Knowledge Center and get 20% discount

SMART! Fertilizer Management Software is a platform for optimizing fertilizer use for agriculture, enabling farmers to maximize crop yields and increase profits.
The software selects and calculates the ideal fertilizer mixture based on your water quality, soil test results, plant tissue analysis and crop nutrient needs.
SMART! delivers highly-accurate fertilizer programs utilizing the fertilizers already available in stock, customized for your crop and your specific fertilizer application method - open field applications, hydroponics, fertigation, broadcasting, etc.
Watch the demo video:
The ongoing savings in costs and planning time will start from the first day SMART! is installed.
SMART! also contributes to a greener planet, promoting compliance with modern standards for environmental protection, minimizing ground-water and soil pollution.
Best of all, the user-friendly operation of SMART! does not require any additional computer equipment or special knowledge.

Main features of SMART! Fertilizer Management software:

  • Balances plant nutrients
  • Optimizes fertilizer use
  • Calculates fertilizer rates
  • Interprets soil, water and tissue (leaf) analysis
  • Designs nutrient solutions for hydroponics and stock solutions for fertigation
  • Analyzes and optimizes fertilizer costs
  • Converts measurement units (ionic forms, concentrations, rates and amounts)
  • Generates personalized reports
  • Allows for long term fertilizer management

About SMART! Fertilizer Management

Established in 2008, Smart, a privately owned company, provides high quality, expert consultancy services worldwide and has continuously been at the forefront of precision fertilization management and water treatment technology.

SMART! is also available in other languages:

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