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Fertilization methods for application of Haifa's fertilizers

Alongside the development and production of high-quality products, Haifa has been actively involved in the development of appropriate fertilization methods for the application of its products. In accordance with our knowledge sharing policy, we bring you enlightening presentations and videos regarding the most updated application methods, enabling you to make the most out of Haifa's products.

Controlled release fertilizers

Controlled release fertilizers are based on polymer-coated fertilizer granules. Fertilizer granules consist of soluble nutrients, are encapsulated in a polymeric shell coating. Following application, soil moisture slowly penetrates through the coating which begins a gradual dissolution of the nutrients inside the granule. The dissolved nutrients diffuse through the coating to the root zone, providing the plant with available nutrients at measured portions according to its growth needs.


Fertigation | Nutrigation

The application of nutrients through irrigation systems is referred to as Nutrigation. The incorporation of soluble fertilizers into the irrigation water is facilitated the integration and harmonization between the application of water and plant nutrients. Using Nutrigation, an adequate supply of nutrients and water can be directed towards the plant root zone to satisfy plant demands during the various growth stages.


Foliar nutrition

Foliar nutrition has proved to be an efficient way of curing plant nutrient deficiencies and boosting plant development at specific physiological stages. in this method of plant fertilization nutrients solution sprayed directly to the plant leaves. Foliar nutrition can provide the nutrients required for normal development of crops in cases where absorption of nutrients by the roots system is disturbed.

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