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Knowledge, your key to success: plant nutrition webinars

Haifa Group presents a series of four monthly online seminars. The webinars will present practical key topics of advanced plant nutrition and fertilization in modern horticulture

The webinars are produced in a co-production with Wageningen University, the Netherlands, and will be delivered by Prof. Leo Marcelis, Head of chair group Horticulture and Product Physiology
. The webinar sessions are aiming to provide a broad knowledge and to assist growers, advisors, and horticulture professionals.

Webinar no. 1

The webinar focused on the topic of "Optimizing Quality: The necessity of sufficient and accurate cation supply to crops' quality"

Webinar no. 2

The webinar's topic: Optimizing Growth: Anion supply – importance, benefits, and influences. Watch here:

Webinar no. 3

Webinar no. 4

About Wageningen University

Focused in life and agricultural sciences, Wageningen University and Research Centre is a leading Dutch university in Wageningen, Netherlands. The university trains specialists (BSc, MSc and PhD) in life sciences. In the field of agricultural science, the university is considered world-class.  www.wageningenur.nl
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