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Increasing N and Ca levels in apples

Foliar nutrition with Haifa Cal significantly increased Calcium (Ca) content of  apple fruits  

Apple trees: Increasing the number of fruits while reducing fertilizer applications

A single application of a Multicote™ Agri blend can supply the apple trees yearly nutrients demand while reducing the farmer's practice nutrients amount  

A fertilization program for apples in Spain

Haifa's fertilizers meet the apple tree nutritional requirement  

Soil type: light to medium, good drainage, pH 6.5 - 8.
Annual irrigation rate: ~6,000 m3/ha.
Plant Population: 400-600 trees/ha.
Expected yield: 45 t/ha.

Foliar Feeding

Boost your crops with Haifa's foliar product range.

A small investment that leads to big results. Discover the Haifa Bonus




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