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Μόνο στο δάσος

Παρουσίαση σχετικά με τις λύσεις CRF του Ομίλου Haifa, με ιδιαίτερη έμφαση στη δασοκομική βιομηχανία, χωρισμένη σε τέσσερα κύρια μέρη:

Ανεπάρκεια θρεπτικών ουσιών στα δέντρα

Περίληψη: Οι γνώσεις μας για τη διατροφή των διακοσμητικών δέντρων είναι λίγες.

Deciduous trees: A Fertilization recommendation for bearing orchards

Haifa's fertigation program and recommended fertilizers help the deciduous tree get the required nutrients – and blossom

Nutrient deficiency in trees

Our knowledge of the nutrition of ornamental trees is sparse. Most research has been conducted on juvenile plants

Multicote™ Agri Ideal Nutrition for Forest Trees

The most efficient nutrition On-demand nutritional composition, and release profile: ultimate flexibility for best results

Alone in the Woods

A presentation about Haifa Group's CRF solutions with a special focus on the forestry industry divided to four main parts:

The benefits of Multicote Agri for eucalyptus seedlings

Gunns set to reap input, production, operational benefi ts with Multicote fertiliser for seedlings

AUSTRALIA’s largest integrated hardwood and softwood forest products company, Gunns Limited, is looking forward to input savings as well as production and operational benefi ts in its plantations following the successful trial of a Controlled Release Fertiliser (CRF) with young seedlings.

Εγγραφή στο Forestry