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Potato Crop


Первую подкормку продуктом Поли-Фид 19-19-19+1MgO+ME рекомендуется проводить в первой фазе. Усиливает рост, правильное развитие листвы и корневой системы, повышает урожайность.

How to increase potato yield?

Side dressing of Multi-KMg prill increased yield by 9%




Haifa's Combined Nutritional Solutions for Pivot Irrigated Potato

Haifa's nutritonal solutions may include a combination of products and application
methods, to suit growth needs and grower's preferences.


Potato trial in Australia

A potato trial  was conducted in Berrigan, Southern New South Wales (Australia).

Potato field with Haifa Turbo-K

Potato field in Vetren Dol, Bulgaria, amazing results by using Haifa Turbo-K 14: 14: 17 + ME.
Planting took place on 20.03.2018 and the harvest on 10.07.2018. The yield is 7000 kg / ha, with a consumption rate of 100 kg / ha.

Center Pivot Case Study - South Africa

Gerrit Burger, Haifa South Africa Agronomist interviews Steve Broad, a potato grower in South Africa 

Multicote Agri proves to be the winning recipe for potato during heavy rainfall

Learn how during heavy rainfall in South Africa, haifa's Multicote Agri offered greater nutrient availability to the crop.

By: Gerrit Burger, Haifa RSA


Having too much rain is seldom a problem for South African farmers, especially in this corner of the Kalahari, with an annual long-term average of only 450 mm/ year. However,

Fertilizer nitrogen uptake efficiencies for potato as influenced by application timing

Abstract: Estimation of N uptake efficiency of fertilizer applications at different growth stages of crop plants is critical to develop management recommendations
that enhance fertilizer use by minimizing N losses. In this study, the N-fertilizer uptake efficiency (FNUE) of two chipping potato (Solanum

Time and method of fertilizer application for potatoes

Abstract: 1977 Dahnke , et al. reported on the results of 17 soil fertility field trials with potatoes. The results of those trials indicated : 1. A yield response by potatoes to added fertilizer nitrogen is very probable when the amount of nitrate-nitrogen in the top 2 feet of soil is less than 60 pounds per acre at or near planting time . 2.

Increasing potato yield with Multi KMg prill

The Multi KMg treatment outperformed the existing side dressing practice in all areas measured



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