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Fertigation-chemigation in protected agriculture

Fertigation-Chemigation are regular and widely accepted practices for fertilization and plant protection under protected agriculture. With fertigation, the nutrients in the form og soluble fertilizers anticipated to most crops needs according to their stage of development, are applied with the irrigation water.

Fertigation recipes for selected crops in the Mediterranean region

Abstract: Fertigation increases efficient use of water and fertilizers, produces higher yields, improves quality of the production and protects environment. To ensure uniform distribution of water and fertilizers, the irrigation system must be properly designed and operated.

Grow healthy cucumbers in Israel – and save money

Cucumber downy mildew: It was found that by using Haifa's products, the pesticide expenses were reduced considerably


How to improve cucumber marketability in china

Compared to a local potassic fertilizer, Multi-K proved superiority by improving frost hardiness and marketability



Tomato: Nutrient deficiency

Tomato  Nutrient deficiencies

Tomato: Macro nutrients - N (nitrogen)


Strawberry: Nutrient deficiencies Strawberry: Micro nutrients - Fe (iron)


Haifa Solution:



Potato: Nutrient Deficiencies  


Pepper: Nutrient deficiencies  


Onion: Nutrient deficiencies Onion: Macro nutrients - K (potassium)



Haifa Solution:



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