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Controlled Release Fertilizers

המסת דשנים מוצקים

המסת דשנים מוצקים - כללי: יש להכין תמיסת דשן מדשן מוצק בריכוז %20( 8 שקים\200 ק"ג ל-000,1 ליטר). בטמפ' קרה או שימוש במים קרים לצורך הכנת הדשן, מומלץ לרדת לריכוז 15%. יש למלא את המכל כ- 1/3 מנפחו במים לפני הוספת הדשן. יש להוסיף את הדשן באופן מדורג תוך כדי מילוי המים.

Watch the CRF video

Controlled Release Fewrtilizers: Single application, multiple benefits.
This 1:30 min video explanse the principals of CRF and its advantages.

Controlled release nutrition for oil palm

Multicote™ Agri controlled release fertilizers - The ideal nutrition for oil palm seedlings at the nursery and for oil palm planting  The most efficient nutrition

Multifeed BigBag – Een innovatieve methode voor toepassing van meststoffen

Multifeed BigBag is een succesvol meststoffenconcept voor A/B-tanksystemen. Hiermee kunt u in een mum van tijd een oplosbare meststof voor wel 10.000 liter klaarmaken. Snel en gemakkelijk dus. Momenteel is de Multifeed BigBag alleen verkrijgbaar in landen die onder de Noordwest-Europese dochteronderneming van Haifa vallen  

Crop Guide: Rice Cultivation

Index: The importance of growing rice History Plant description Growing methods

CoteN™ Mix increases yield in winter oats crop

In a trial that was conducted in Spain, Haifa agronomists checked the benefits of using CoteN™ Mix controlled release fertilizers for winter oats crop. After the season ended, the results clearly proved that CoteN™Mix is superior upon common fertilization practices.


Trial setup

The trial was carried out in El Casar (Guadalajara), Spain.

Single Application, Multiple Benefits

A single pre-planting application of  controlled release fertilizer (CRF) can fill a crop’s nutritional requirements throughout

 its growth season. CRF products are designed to feed plants continuously,

at maximum nutrient uptake efficiency. controlled release fertilizers save

labor and application costs, enable application independent of the irrigation system, and require no sophisticated equipment.



Crop deficiencies

Potato: Nutrient Deficiencies  

The benefits of Multicote Agri for eucalyptus seedlings

Gunns set to reap input, production, operational benefi ts with Multicote fertiliser for seedlings

AUSTRALIA’s largest integrated hardwood and softwood forest products company, Gunns Limited, is looking forward to input savings as well as production and operational benefi ts in its plantations following the successful trial of a Controlled Release Fertiliser (CRF) with young seedlings.

Optimal plant nutrition for sports field turf

Q: What are the controlled release fertilizer recommendations for sports field turf?


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