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Multicote Agri

Polinización de las flores de cebolla en Sudáfrica

Tras 6 meses de cuidadosa planificación y cuidado, las plantas de cebolla producen flores que están listas para la polinización y la producción de semillas. 

Multicote™ Agri significantly increased asparagus yield in France



O aplicare a unei formule specifice Agri Multicote ™ pentru sparanghel a crescut randamentul și a sporit rentabilitatea.


Το Multicote ™ Agri αύξησε σημαντικά τη απόδοση των σπαραγγιών στη Γαλλία


Η εφαρμογή ενός συγκεκριμένου τύπου Multicote ™ Agri για τα σπαράγγια αύξησε την απόδοση και ενίσχυσε την κερδοφορία.


Αύξηση της απόδοσης της πατάτας με το Multi-K Mg prill

Η εφαρμογή Multi-K™ Mg ξεπέρασε την υπάρχουσα πρακτική λίπανσης σε όλες τις περιοχές που έγιναν μετρήσεις

Onion flowers pollination in South Africa

After 6 months of careful planning and nurturing, onion plants produce flowers that are ready for pollination and seed production.

Manual: Multicote™ Agri - Fertilizantes de liberación controlada para la agricultura

Multicote™ Agri es una gama de fertilizantes de liberación controlada para la agricultura, diseñada para nutrir a los cultivos de forma continua durante todo su ciclo, obteniendo un desarrollo óptimo y el mejor rendimiento de la producción.

Better crop performance with Haifa Multicote Agri: Controlled Release Fertilizer

Gerrit Burger, Haifa RSA   Producing vegetable seed is a highly specialized process that requires accurate plant nutritional management.   Pieter Saaiman, crop solution specialist with Inteligro, knows all about onion seed growing. He is based in the important Clanwilliam production area of South Africa that is sought after by seed companies due to the remoteness of the farms.

Fertilizing lime with Multicote™ Agri is simple and effective

Erasto Mendoza Martínez grows Mexican limes and enjoys the benefits of Multicote™ agri controlled release fertilizers "Fertilizing with CRF is simple and effective"  Located in Cañada region in Oaxaca state, Mexico, Mr. Erasto Mendoza Martínez owns a small farm with 5 hectares of Mexican lime, a citrus species with a 3–5 cm diameter globose fruit, usually picked green. Mexican limes have high acidity, a strong aroma and a thin rind.

Greenhouse grown bell peppers with Multicote™ Agri

Learn how a South African greenhouse grown bell peppers grower enjoys an ease of application and reduced nutrient supply via the traditional fertigation system.


Better potato yield in South Africa with Multicote™ Agri

When it gets to preparing long and tasty French Fries, bigger and high quality potatoes are obviously the key ingredient.


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