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Haifa Blog


Develop up to now, food grade phosphate has been a part of people life. However in common people mind, it is a contradiction complex, one side, people fear its unhealthful, on the other side, enjoy the colour, aroma and taste it brings. This will promote the industry widespread used and development, so new USES of STPP ,SHMP and others are applied and approved .However many scientific workers research a lot on phosphate toxicology, confirmed that the food phosphate is non-toxic additives with high security, this just removed all the doubts of mind. So all enterprises pay their attention to the study of food phosphate application. Because different phosphate will have different influence in different application field. The purpose of the research is the role of phosphate in food, by the means of improving the character, using method and ingredient etc, and degree to meet the requirements of the subsequent handling of all kinds of food. We look forward to the enterprise intruduce brand products based on research, take technology as backing, and improve the level of technical service. So that traditional enterprise can lead phosphate industry run long way in the field of food additives in the world.

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