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Haifa Blog

How to grow Smart!

The Smart! Fertilizer management software is a professional and efficient tool for managing fertigation. Haifa website users now get a free 14-day trial, and a 20% discount

How to grow Smart!

We are happy to introduce the "Smart! – Fertilizer management software": 

"Smart!" is a software tool for managing fertigation. It is aimed at crops in various growth conditions, from open field to hydroponics. 

The "Smart!" software calculates optimal fertilizer programs, considering nutrient requirements of the crop, soil and water analysis, and tissue composition. The software also enables an analysis of fertilization costs for better budget control and long term planning. 

The "Smart!" complements Haifa's NutriNet software . While the NutriNet output is the type and amount of fertilizers needed according to the crop's growth stage per Ha, "Smart!" supports the next steps in the process: the calculation of the proportion of each fertilizer in the mixing tank and the rate of injection to the irrigation system. The 'Smart" is available in various units of measures. 

We found the "Smart!" software a professional, efficient and elegant tool for managing fertigation. The software suits to advanced growers, agronomists, consultants and researchers. 

Haifa and the "Smart fertilizer" company signed an agreement by which Haifa will exclusively present and distribute the "Smart!" software in Haifa's website. 
By that Haifa will support its value of bringing its customers the latest innovations in fertigation practice. By registering to "Smart!" via Haifa-group website our customers will get a discount of 20% on the regular price. 

If you want to get some hands-on experience with the software for free, you can get a 14 days free full access trial, so you can try the software and find out if it meets your needs, as we believe it does. 

Before signing up, you can take a virtual tour by watching the video, demos and tutorials: 

The "Smart!" is available in English and Spanish, more languages will be available in the future. 
Haifa is committed to support growers succeed, understands their needs and owns the intimates knowledge of how to build the best solution for them. 

Yoav Ronen 

Marketing manager, Water soluble fertilizers

How to grow Smart!

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