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Haifa Blog

Increasing yield and quality of onion using Multi-K™ & Multicote™ Agri in Israel

In a trial that was conducted during 2019-2020 on onion field in Moshav Revaya, Beit Shean valley, Israel
We wanted to explore agronomic and  economic benefits of Multicote™ Agri (N coated) in single application (per sowing) and a combined program Multicote™ Agri (per sowing) + potassium nitrate (PN) in top dressing  were measured and compared to the farmer practice in field trial in Israel.
Click here to read all about this trial and see the treatments.


Trial information:

Sowing date: 1.11.2019 
Harvest:  16.4.2020
Crop: onion
Variety:  Volkaana
Fertilization method: soil application & Nutrigation


Soil Analysis

O.M. % 0.56
N - NO3 mg/kg 28
N – NH4 mg/kg 14
P (olsen) mg/kg 65
K (extracted CaCl2)  mg/kg 87


The results – economic analysis were amazing:

Multicote Agri™ + PNP  vs.  Farmer practice
Benefit / cost ratio


  • Results proved that a combined fertilization program of Multicote™ Agri (pre sowing) and  (PNP) potassium nitrate prill (top dressing) increase the bulb size / weight and yield and proved to be cost-effective, compared with Farmer’s practice.
  • The higher revenue obtained at the Multicote™  Agri + (PNP) treatment was mainly as a result of  the increase in the bulb size / weight, this due to the higher  price ($/mt) paid for the big bulbs compare to the smaller bulbs (850 and 425 respectively). /   which gain hiher due to the The benefit / cost ratio for the 20% reduction from the farmer’s practice was 3.27 (better income with little extra investment).

  • The significant reduction in the  fertilizers application only 2 at the Multicote™  Agri based fertilization programs compare to 5 application at the farmer practice is very much valuable and appreciated by the farmers, this due to the fact that the onion growing period is along the winter/rainy  season in which no irrigation is required  and the soil condition (too moody) make soil application very much complicated.