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Goodwood avokadoları için otomatik gübrelemede çok yönlü faydalar | Nisan 2013

Queensland avokado yetiştiricisi Laurie McCloskey, "Haifa gübrelerinin çözünürlüğü mükemmeldi ve gübre uygulama işi artık çok daha kolay" diyor


Beneficii complete pentru fecundarea automată pentru avocadoele Goodwood | aprilie 2013

"Solubilitatea îngrășămintelor Haifa a fost excelentă, iar munca în aplicarea îngrășămintelor este acum mult mai ușoară", spune cultivatorul de avocado din Queensland, Laurie McCloskey

Αύξηση της απόδοσης της πατάτας με το Multi-K Mg prill

Η εφαρμογή Multi-K™ Mg ξεπέρασε την υπάρχουσα πρακτική λίπανσης σε όλες τις περιοχές που έγιναν μετρήσεις

Haifa fertilizers help the Australian growers produce top strawberries | December 2011

The fertilizers dissolve extremely well and pose no problems through growers' pumps and irrigation systems. Also read how the Multicote fertilizer helped growers to input savings, as well as production and operational benefits. And: Nutrigation of crops via irrigation machines

The benefits of Multicote controlled release fertilizer for seedlings | February 2012

Australia's largest integrated hardwood and softwood forest products company, Gunns Limited, discovered the many benefits of Haifa's Multicote. "It was releasing at the right time for our conditions"

Multiple investments to meet growing demand and improve service | September 2012

Haifa is making signifcant investment into its production faciilities, thus increasing volumes of all products and better meeting growing market demand.

Years of soil improvement boosts Calavos capsicums | March 2013

The Queensland capsicum grower discovered the benefits of Haifa's fertilizers: the high efficiency and solubility, reduction in electricity consumption and more

Quality input equals quality output for Childers leafy greens grower | April 2013

Haifa products are the main fertilizers used by Brian Ellis, a Queensland grower, for his own lettuce growing and for the Hydromix Australia blends.


All-round benefits in automated fertigation for Goodwood avocadoes | April 2013

"The solubility of the Haifa fertilizers has been excellent and the job of applying fertilizers is now so much easier", says Queensland avocado grower Laurie McCloskey



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