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Fruit Trees Growing Method

Pomegranate fertilization: supplying the right fertilizers for optimal plant nutrition

How to use Haifa's fertilizers to supply the pomegranate trees with the all the nutrients needed for high yield and excellent fruit quality

Mexico: Apple trees fertigation and foliar feeding plan


A thorough fertilization program, in accordance with the month of the year and the tree's physiological stage



Month Physiological stage

Nutrient requirement (kg/ha)

How to get better yield from apple tress in Benelux & Germany

Haifa's fertilization recommendation for providing the apple tree with all the needed nutrients


Soil type: Sandy loam- clay.
Plant population: 300 trees/ha.
Expected yield: 40 T/ha.




A complete fertilization program for olive trees

Follow our thorough recommendation, including a program for foliar spraying and a fertilization recommendation for olive trees in spain

Multi-K and Multicote Agri increase citrus yield

Potassium nitrate fertilization and controlled released fertilizer increase yields of OR type (easy peeler) citrus

 | by Yossi Sofer (Haifa Group), Dubbi Rever (Agricultural Extension Service of Israel)

Greenhouse grade potassium nitrate
13.5-0-46.2 (crystalline) – fully water soluble – NK fertilizer

♦ Fully water soluble
♦ Chloride-free
♦ 100% Pure plant Nutrients
♦ Absorbed by plants easily and completely
♦ Efficiently applied by Nutrigation™, foliar sprays or side-dressing

Particle size

  • On 35 US mesh (>0.5mm)- 12% typ.
  • Through 170 US mesh (<0.125mm)- 7%typ.


  • 25kg woven and coated polypropylene bag, open mouth Sewn bottom Or Polyethylene heat sealed bag.
  • 1000kg or 1200kg Net bags woven polypropylene with discharge spout and lifting loops.


  • Fertilizer for Nutrigation™ (Fertigation) and foliar nutrition.
  • Production of water soluble fertilizers.
Analyte Unit Typical Specification
Min. Max.
Total Nitrogen (as N) % 13.5 13.1 -
Nitric Nitrogen (as N-NO3) % 13.5 13.1 -
Water Soluble Potassium (as K2O) % 46.2 46 -
Water Soluble Potassium (as K) % 38.4 38.2 -
pH (10% solution)   9 6 11
Loss on Drying (Moisture) % 0.1 - 0.2
Water lnsolubles ppm 350 - 700
Bulk Density g/ml 1.1 0.9 1.2


NutriNet™ is an online service for growers and agronomy experts, aiming to optimize fertilization programs.

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Multicote™ Agri for Avocado – A Multi-Success

Multicote™ Agri for Avocado – A Multi-Success

Strong and vital seedlings, shiny and saturaterd-colored leaves, developed canopy and rapid yield – these are just a few of the results reported by avocado growers in Western Galilee, Israel, who fertilize young groves with Multicote™ Agri.

By Yasmin Lahav


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