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Controlled release nutrition for oil palm

Multicote™ Agri controlled release fertilizers - The ideal nutrition for oil palm seedlings at the nursery and for oil palm planting  The most efficient nutrition


Multifeed™ BigBag is a successful fertilizer concept for A/B tank systems. It enables you to a soluble fertilizer of no less than 10,000 litres in a very short time – Quickly and easily. Currently the Multifeed™ BigBag is available only in countries subordinated to Haifa's northwest Europe subsidiary

Multifeed BigBag – Een innovatieve methode voor toepassing van meststoffen

Multifeed BigBag is een succesvol meststoffenconcept voor A/B-tanksystemen. Hiermee kunt u in een mum van tijd een oplosbare meststof voor wel 10.000 liter klaarmaken. Snel en gemakkelijk dus. Momenteel is de Multifeed BigBag alleen verkrijgbaar in landen die onder de Noordwest-Europese dochteronderneming van Haifa vallen  

Multicote Agri reduced N application rate in Greenhouse Tomatoes

37.5% reduction in N application resulted in a slight and insignificant reduction in total yield, protein content and net income



Tomato: Nutrient deficiencies

Learn how to identify and correct tomato nutriend deficiencies  

Software HaiFast

Haifast™   auxiliary software for calculations of nutrition programs for soilless- grown crops     Haifast is a downloadable software, designed to calculate the optimum nutritional solutions for many soilless-grown crops throughout the various stages of their growth. It is simple, user- friendly and based on most updated know-how of the sector.

Improve Pepper yields with Haifa fertilizers

A complete recommendation for the fertilization of pepper plants   Find out what are the fertilizers that will give you the best results, regarding the different growing medium   I. Growing method: greenhouses / tunnels, on soil.

Optimized nutritional programs for Tomato crops

  Our fertilization program regards different growing medium and conditions   Growing medium: Open field.
Soil type: Sandy loam (light).
Plant population: 11000 -12500 plants/Ha.
Expected yield: 100 T/Ha.  


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