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Success stories

The Jalon valley in Aragon, Spain, is known for its cherry orchards. The good soil and climate conditions in that region, together with professional work done by the...
When it gets to preparing long and tasty French Fries, bigger and high quality potatoes are obviously the key ingredient. This is the story of a professional potatoes...
Owned by three partners, the Los Mogotes farm is known by its quality tomatoes and chili peppers   Span on 40 hectares, the farm is located in Tanhuato,...
Erasto Mendoza Martínez grows Mexican limes and enjoys the benefits of Multicote™ agri controlled release fertilizers "Fertilizing with CRF is simple and effective"...
Babyleaf vegetables are being harvested up to two weeks earlier and yielding almost double that of initial production levels on the south-east Queensland property of...
Cu o seră de 2.800m2, Daniel Fonseca din Brazilia nu-și poate exprima suficient satisfacția cu privire la îngrășămintele solubile în apă ale companiei Haifa. "Nu le voi...
Με ένα θερμοκήπιο 2.800m2, ο Daniel Fonseca από τη Βραζιλία δεν μπορεί να αντικαταστήσει τα υδατοδιαλυτά λιπάσματα του Haifa. "Δεν θα τα αντικαταστήσω με κανένα άλλο...
With a 2,800m2 greenhouse, Daniel Fonseca from Brazil can't empahsize enough his satisfication with Haifa water soluble fertilizers. "I won't replace them with any...
Haifa products are used at the the Hortisen de Atlixco farm in Mexico for over a decade. "The high quality fertilizers are free of undesired material ions"...
יוסי אביתר הוא מגדל אספרגוס אשר משתמש במוצרי חיפה כבר מעל 8 שנים ברציפות.   "אני הולך לפי תוכניות הדישון שחיפה מציעה באתר והתוצאות תמיד טובות"  ...