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המלצות דישון למטעים נשירים

במצגת הבאה נעבור על הנושאים הבאים:

דשנים למגדלי מטעים - דשן-כל ™ להדשיה , דשנים לריסוס עלוותי ודשנים בשחרור מבוקר.

בנוסף נעבור על מה זה חנקת אשלגן, דשנים מסיסים להדשייה, עקרונות דישון מטעים נשירים, תכנית דישון לאפרסק / נקטרינה, 

תכנית דישון לתפוח צבעוני באמצע.סוף העונה, תכנית דישון לאגס ודובדבן ועוד.

Role of Fertigation in horticultural Crops: Citrus

Abstract: Advances in micro-irrigation techniques, e.g., drip and under-tree sprinklers, have facilitated more widespread adoption of fertigation, especially for perennial crops, including citrus.

Evaluation of Controlled Release Fertilizers for Young Citrus Trees

Abstract: Controlled-release sources of N and K were compared with soluble sources on young ‘Valencia’ orange trees (Citrus sinensis [L.] Osb.). The effects of these fertilizers on leaf mineral concentration, soil chemical analysis, and tree growth were evaluated for 3 years.

Potassium nitrate fertilization and CRF increase yields of ORR type (easy peeler) citrus

An experiment was carried out on Kibbutz Naan in the years 2008 to 2013 with the goal of examining different fertilization programs for the OR (easy peeler) variety.

Foliar feeding of citrus trees: All the benefits of using Haifa's fertilizers

Boost yield, reduced fruit drop and splitting and increased fruit size – those are just some the advantages using Multi-K™


Haifa Bonus™ improves export quality of citrus fruit

+19% Grower’s revenue from yield   A remarkable and highly significant increase in export quality fruit due to decreased rind defects.



+18% more citrus fruit with just a single foliar application.

A single foliar application brings a real Bonus™   A single foliar application of Haifa Bonus 12-2-44 increased potassium (K) level in leaves and fruit size distribution



Foliar nutrition enhanced citrus productivity in China

Multi-K sprays reduced fruit splitting rate, increased yield and total soluble solids (TSS)



Citrus/ Hongjiang Oranges


Citrus beslemesine abone olun.