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Plant nutrition

Through the use of Nutrigation™ (Fertigation), Controlled release plant nutrition and Foliar fertilization, plant nutrients are supplied with:
  • Precise composition and timing - to match plant growth needs.
  • Precise placing - to enhance uptake efficiency. 
  • Precise dosing - to avoid wastes and contamination.


Plant nutrition - for optimal crop development

The choice of products and application methods allows for optimized fertilization and plant nutrition that suits the requirements of specific crops, and matches the technical capabilities of every grower.

All of Haifa's products for crops fertilization are free of chloride, sodium and other detrimental elements. They are fully consumed by the plants, thereby leaving no harmful residues in the soil.

The plants absorb Haifa products rapidly and efficiently, for optimal plant nutrition and development - for the best yields.

Haifa Product Catalog

Controlled release fertilizers

The most reliable and effective way to make the availability of nutrients coincide with plant requirements is by controlling their release into the soil solution, using controlled release fertilizers. This is accomplished by encapsulating fertilizer granules in a polymeric coating, employing Haifa’s Multicote technology.

Controlled release fertilizers
Products for nurseries
14-14-16 + Micronutrients
15-7-15+2MgO + Micronutrients
18-6-12 + Micronutrients
17-7-14 + Micronutrients
14-7-14+2MgO + Micronutrients
20-5-12 + Micronutrients
17-5-14 + Micronutrients
Products for agriculture
17-9-27 (90-50-100% coated)
34-0-7 (100% coated)
22-8-13 (100% coated)
34-0-7 (100% coated)
34-0-7 (100% coated)
Products for turf
MulticoteTM Turf / MultigreenTM
Multi-KTM Turf / MultiVerdo™
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Complex fertilizers

Haifa Turbo-K™, a new grade of complex NPK granule generated from Multi-K™ Potassium Nitrate, is the ultimate solution for maximizing yield and plant strength

Complex fertilizers
NPK compound fertilizers
Haifa Turbo-K™ 14-14-17 + Mg+ S+ ME
Haifa Turbo-K™ 18-9-18 + Mg+ S+ ME
Haifa Turbo-K™ 15-15-15 + Mg+ S + ME
Haifa Turbo-K™ 12-10-16 + Mg+ S + ME
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HaifaStim™ improves the entire growth system, resulting in superior plant
development, better soil structure and higher yields, along with reduced
environmental impact.

The HaifaStim™ range
HaifaStim™ Foliamin
HaifaStim™ Amin
HaifaStim™ Humic
HaifaStim™ Mar
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Haifa Micro™ products are the ideal complement for plant nutrition in a broad variety of crops, for optimal development and best yield. Designed for Nutrigation™ and for foliar application, Haifa Micro™ dissolves fully and rapidly in water.

The Haifa Micro™ range
Haifa Micro™ Fe
Haifa Micro™ Mn
Haifa Micro™ Zn
Haifa Micro™ Cu
Haifa Micro™ Comb
Haifa Micro™ Soilless Combination
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