Controlled Release Fertilizers

Single Application – Multiple Benefits

A single application of controlled release fertilizer (CRF) based on Haifa’s Multicote™ Technology can fill a crop’s nutritional requirements throughout its growth season. 

Multicote™ products are designed to feed plants continuously over months, at maximum nutrient uptake efficiency.

The benefits of controlled release nutrition

  • Optimal plant development

Haifa’s Controlled release fertilizers provide plants with balanced nutrition, according to their needs, throughout the growth cycle. This ensures optimal development and maximum, high-quality yields.

  • Reduced fertilizer application rates

Haifa’s Controlled release fertilizers release available nutrients at a rate that matches plant uptake. This minimizes fertilizer losses and enables considerable reduction of application rates – up to 30%, as compared to conventional granular or liquid fertilizers.

  • Saves labor and time

A single application of Haifa’s controlled release fertilizers covers the crop’s nutritional requirements throughout its growth cycle. This saves labor and costs associated with fertilizer application, and eliminates fertilization bothers from the growers’ routine tasks.

  • Simple application

Haifa’s controlled release fertilizers are applied directly to the soil, requiring no sophisticated injection or dosing system. 

  • Environmentally friendly

Haifa’s controlled release fertilizers minimizes losses through leaching, volatilization or fixation, thus preventing environmental contamination.


Multicote™ Technology products for various applications

Multicote™ controlled release fertilizers designed to deliver safe nutrition for Nurseries and Ornamentals

Muticote™ Premier top-performance controlled release fertilizers for Professional Nurseries

Multicote™Agri / Multigro™ cost-effective controlled release fertilizers for Agriculture and Horticulture

CoteN™ controlled release nitrogen fertilizers for Arable Crops

Multigreen™ controlled release fertilizers for turf

Multicote™ Micro controlled release magnesium, zinc and boron






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