Quality Assurance

Compliance with international standards and the creation of strict control mechanisms, which set an uncompromising standard of quality for every product produced at the Haifa Group's plants in Israel and around the world.   

Over the years, the Haifa Group brand has become a symbol of quality and excellence in Israel and around the world. Maintaining strict international standards and creating advanced quality assurance mechanisms, produce excellent products for the benefit of the environment, farmers and consumers. How do we turn talk into action - and into quality products that provide a complete solution for our customers?


Quality assurance throughout the entire production process

From quality control of production processes, mechanization and packaging materials - to internal and external inspections to improve the product. The control processes at all stages of production ensure Haifa's high-quality products.

Carrying out strict tests

Laboratories scattered throughout the production sites, allow us to perform ongoing inspections of the raw materials, of the products in the various stages of production and of the finished product. These tests go down to the smallest details, to make sure that all the products meet the high standards of the Haifa Group.

Expertise and commitment 

Continuous investment in training and instruction, designed to maintain high standards with the help of enforcement and refinement of optimal production processes. The commitment of the employees and managers of the Haifa Group to these standards is the basis for the success of the Group's products in Israel and around the world.

The Quality Assurance mechanisms that we adhere to throughout the production and supply chain, give birth to quality products that are the hallmark of the Haifa Group, which its customers in Israel and around the world are looking for.

Compliance with a long list of stringent standards, including:

ISO 9001 Standard
ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems Standard
ISO 14001 Environmental Management Standard
Food Safety Standards
RHP standard for Controlled Release Fertilizers

which deals with the management of the quality system. The standard is intended to ensure that the company's products meet the requirements and that the Haifa Group strives for continuous improvement of its products.

Enforcement of the international standard for the purpose of creating a safe work environment and maintaining the safety of employees.

Compliance with this standard is an international stamp of the many and comprehensive actions carried out by the Haifa Group for the protection of the environment.

Including the HACCP standard for risk prevention, the FSSC 22000 standard for the management of food safety systems and the GMP standard for ensuring product quality and proper production conditions.

Designed to ensure the quality of Controlled Release Fertilizers intended for greenhouses.