Controlled release fertilizers

Controlled release fertilizers are based on polymer-coated fertilizer granules. Fertilizer granules consist of soluble nutrients, are encapsulated in a polymeric shell coating. Following application, soil moisture slowly penetrates through the coating which begins a gradual dissolution of the nutrients inside the granule. The dissolved nutrients diffuse through the coating to the root zone, providing the plant with available nutrients at measured portions according to its growth needs.

A complete range of foliar nutrition products

Haifa offers a selection of premium products for foliar application, all containing pure plant nutrients, free of chloride, sodium, and any other detrimental materials.


Poly-Feed™ Foliar

Haifa Bonus™

Poly-Feed™ Foliar is a range of fully water soluble NPK, high quality fertilizers for foliar application.

Poly-Feed™  soluble NPK formulae is designed for crop feeding with optimal, balanced nutrition throughout the growth season.

Haifa Bonus™ is a high-K foliar formula (13-2-44), based on Haifa’s Multi-K™potassium nitrate. Phosphate enrichment balances the nutritional value of Haifa Bonus™, and improves its compatibility with various agrochemicals. Other Haifa Bonus™ formulae are available upon request.



Poly-Feed™ Foliar Stage-Specific Formulas



EDTA chelates


Poly-Feed™ Foliar Crop-Specific Formulas


* EDTA chelates


Poly-Feed™ MAR

A variety of Poly-Feed™ formulas are available, enriched with 0.5% or 1% seaweed extracts. Seaweed extracts contain a wide range of nutrients, growth bio-stimulants and conditioners that act together to improve plant development.