Avocado Guide: get the most out of your avocado fertilizers

Unlocking Peak Performance in Your Avocado Farming with Haifa's Nutri Haitech™ Fertilizer Products & Solutions

Experienced avocado growers know consistent high yields require strategic planning. Haifa, leveraging decades of expertise, empowers growers with a comprehensive guide that delves into avocado nutrition, offering detailed nutritional recommendations based on premium avocado fertilizer products, alongside valuable avocado cultivation insights. With this knowledge, you can maximize the effectiveness of your avocado fertilizer program, driving higher yields and a superior cost-to-benefit ratio.

Haifa's pioneering Nutri Haitech™ approach delivers complete nutritional solutions for precision agriculture. Designed to enhance the sustainability and efficiency of your operations, Nutri Haitech™ minimizes waste and pollution while, of course, boosting your avocado yields.


Avocado nutrition highlights

Avocado cultivation presents unique challenges due to the crop's delicate nature and specific growth requirements. 
Avocado trees have a shallow root system. To ensure nutrient use efficiency, fertilizer application should be confined to the effective root zone, which usually lies in the top 30 cm.

The avocado crop requires cool to moderate temperatures (15-30OC). It is very susceptible to frost and heat. 

Avocado trees prefer light, well-aerated soils with low clay content. Lime content, or calcium carbonate, should not exceed 20%, and the pH should be between 5-7 (optimal: ~6.5). These conditions are normally found in tropical climates. However, with careful cultivation techniques, avocados can thrive even in soils high in calcium carbonate or poorly-drained clay soils found in subtropical and semi-arid regions. Under these sub-optimal conditions, a tailored fertigation program and strategic use of biostimulants can significantly support growth during crucial stages.

Avocado is intolerant to salinity, so chloride levels and soil EC must be monitored continuously and managed carefully. Salt sensitivity levels depend on the rootstock hybrid. 



Recovery / vegetative: 
Most nitrogen should be applied at this stage, to boost foliage emergence. 
Root development that occurs at the early vegetative stage will benefit from ample P rates.
Fe, Zn and other micronutrients that support the tree’s metabolic activity are easily absorbed by the young leaves, so it’s advisable to apply them by foliar sprays.



Flowering requires high metabolic energy, so P should be applied continuously from this stage till the end of harvest. 
Biweekly applications of Zn support production of auxins, which are involved in the synthesis of nucleic acids, proteins and vitamin C, supporting fruit setting. Avoid high K fertilization till 60 days after full bloom, as it might repel bees from the flowers. 



Flowering and fruit-set
At early fruit development stages, when evapotranspiration through the fruits take place, it is advised to provide more Ca than K and avoid application of ammonium-nitrogen, as it might interfere with calcium uptake. 
Fruit development: To increase fruit size and improve quality, ample amounts of K are required at this stage. Potassium also improves plant water management and drought tolerance in the warming weather. 
Boron will support transportation of sugars, internal regulation of growth hormones, and other physiological processes. 



Harvest and post-harvest: 
Balanced nutrition at this stage is required to replenish the tree’s nutrient reservoir for next year’s growth. To ensure attraction of bees in the next flowering cycle, K application must be managed carefully. 




Haifa’s Avocado Fertilizer Products


Recovery / vegetative

Pre flowering

Flowering and fruit set

Fruit development 

Harvest & post-harvest

No. of days






Multicote™ Agri 
19-6-10+ME (12M)1






Multicote™ Agri
 15-3-20+ME (8M)2 






Multi-K™ GG






Haifa SOP™






Haifa MAP™






Haifa Cal™ GG






Haifa Mag™






Haifa Micro™ Fe13 (Fe EDTA)






Haifa Micro™ Zn 15






Haifa Micro™ Bor-feed






HaifaStim™ Force






HaifaStim™ Promo








Soil application




Foliar application

1 Non-bearing trees

2 Bearing trees