FoliMatch™: Foliar nutrition program

FoliMatch™ - your personal assistant for foliar fertilization

In 3 simple steps, the FoliMatch™ app generates accurate fertilization recommendations
based on location parameters and considering specific phenology stages of the crop. 

The FoliMatch™ app

· Addresses a wide variety of crops

· Features a user-friendly interface, with a choice of 11 languages 

· Provides finely tuned recommendations, customized to suit user's location 

· Includes a built-in option to share foliar nutrition programs 

· Helps you to find near-by fertilizer shops 

· NEW: recommendations for foliar application of Poly-Feed™ Stim products, that combine plant nutrients and biostimulants

The update version of FoliMatch™ is now available for Desktop version & Mobile via App stores.



1. Are weather conditions suitable for spraying?

2. What are you going to spray?

3. Get a program!


And you can also share it!


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