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  • Optimize plant nutrition

  • Save time & money

  • Avoid excessive fertilization

  • Enjoy maximum yields

The innovative Croptune™ app combines image analysis, big data & cloud computing, to recognize nutritional deficiencies in real time, helping you optimize fertilizer application and grow better crops.


Your private lab in real-time

Croptune™ saves you costly, time-consuming lab analyses, helping you optimize your fertilization programs according to the actual status in the field.
From a picture taken with your smartphone camera, Croptune™ determines instantly the crop's nitrogen status, and even provides fertilization recommendations.

Suitable for a variety of crops

  • Arable crops

  • Fruit trees

  • Vegetables in open field 

  • NEW! Greenhouse crops


Get clear guidance with the upgraded interface

The upgraded Croptune™ features improved interface that guides you through the simple process. You can choose between different measuring units, organize your plot database with powerful filters and easily manage your private zone.  


ISO Certified for potato analysis!

Cropune™ is the first AI lab in the world that complies with the strict ISO 17025 standards for nitrogen analysis in potato leaves.



The Croptune app is a development of AgrIOT