Updated version of NutriNet™

Last week we launched the updated version of NutriNet™. NutriNet™now has additional functionality for creating programs.

 A quantitative program can now be completed without inserting irrigation data. Yet, growers who choose to add irrigation data will get additional information that includes:
Amount of fertilizers in the tanks 
Total amounts of all fertilizers for the entire growth season.


Additional features that were added include:

  • Improved functionality for recirculation programs in the "my crop requirements" window. The new functionality gives a visual indication if cations and anions are not balanced and allows immediate correction.
  • The "export recommendations" button was modified and is now located at the upper part of the screen.

In addition to improved functionality, various issues which are related to user experience were addressed and are now implemented in the NutriNet™ software.


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All the best

The NutriNet team.