Technical KNO3

Industrial chemicals


Haifa-produced technical-grade phosphoric acid, potassium nitrate and phosphate salts. Haifa's industrial chemicals are used in various industries - from ceramics and detergents to fire extinguishers.

Haifa's Industrial Chemicals are used in a wide variety of industries:

  •   Ceramics
  •   Pyrotechnics
  •   Detergents
  •   Forging of metals and glass
  •   Water treatment
  •   Fire extinguishers
  •   Heat-transfer salts for solar energy plants
  •   And others


Mono-ammonium phosphate (MAP), crystallineFlame-proofing and fire extinguisher agent
Textile industry
Pulp and paper processing
Ceramics processes
Mono-potassium phosphate (MKP), crystallineSurface treatment of metals Textile bleaching
Pulp processing
Fermentation processes

Potassium nitrate technical grade:

   - Potassium nitrate technical grade, crystalline
Glass (cathode ray tubes, lead crystal)
Pyrotechnics, propellants (rocket fuel oxidizers)
Explosives, blasting powder (black powder)
Heat treating salts (steel and rubber manufacture)
Oxidizing flux (in metallurgy)
Heat transfer salts, energy storage.Ceramics (tiles, glazes)
Potassium nitrate Ceramic grade, crystalline

Ceramics (tiles, glazes)

Phosphoric acid