Foliar Fertilizer

Boost your crops with Haifa's range of foliar fertilizers

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Foliar application of fertilizers provides fast, on-the-spot nutrition to ensure high, top-quality yields. It serves as an effective supplementary feeding to complete soil fertilization and for prompt correction of nutrient deficiencies. Foliar application of nutrients at specific stages of crop development boosts yields and improves quality.

Boosting crops yield with foliar feeding

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Unique technology for best results

To grant your crops the full benefits of foliar nutrition, Haifa's range of foliar fertilizers are formulated to remain on the leaves and nourish the plant over time. The Haifa Bonus™ technology optimizes the adhesion of the foliar fertilizer to the leaf surface and improves its absorption.

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A complete range of specialty products for foliar nutrition

Haifa offers a selection of premium products for foliar application, all containing pure plant nutrients, free of chloride, sodium, and any other detrimental materials.

The benefits of foliar crop nutrition


Haifa Bonus™
High-K foliar formula (13-2-44), based on Haifa’s Multi-K™ potassium nitrate. Phosphate enrichment balances the nutritional value of Haifa Bonus™ and improves its compatibility with various agrochemicals.
Other Haifa Bonus™ formulae are available upon request.

A range of fully water soluble NPK formulae for foliar application, containing the special Bonus ingredient. Poly-Feed™ Foliar formulae are designed for crop feeding with optimal, balanced nutrition throughout the growth season.
Soluble NPK formulae enriched with micronutrients that complete plant nutrition and biostimulants that improve nutrients assimilation and encourage essential plant functions.

More fertilizers for foliar application:
Haifa Mag \ Magnisal™ magnesium nitrate, 10.5-0-0+15.5MgO
Haifa MAP™ mono-ammonium phosphate, 12-61-0
Haifa MKP™ mono-potassium phosphate 0-52-34
Haifa Cal™ GG Calcium nitrate 15.5-0-0+26.5CaO
Haifa Micro™ a range of chelated micronutrients
HaifaStim™ a range of biostimulants that complement plant nutrition and improve the plant’s overall performance