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NutriNet™ is an online service for growers and agronomy experts, aiming to optimize fertilization programs. 


     Haifa NutriNet™ - Main Features

       Rich and updated localized database of crop requirements
       Responsive to differences in soil and water composition
       Nutrigation™ program is generated step-by-step
       Program can be edited to reflect farmer’s preference
     •  Cloud based system with programs management capabilities
       The service is Free of Charge



                                                                      THE MORE YOU KNOW THE BETTER YOU GROW


Haifa NutriNet™ is a powerful tool made to help growers to plan irrigation schemes and nutrigation (fertigation) programs, with consideration of the actual growth conditions. NutriNet™ takes you to the next level of plant nutrition with the most sophisticated expert system platform. The software is operated over the web exclusively.
Haifa Group is globally known for its core value of Knowledge Sharing. Growers from all over the world use its detailed guides and fertilization programs to get the most of their crops.
Haifa NutriNet™ uses a comprehensive databases of crop nutrition requirements, that meets almost any growth environment. Through a sequence of steps, the user retrieves or enters information, which is integrated by the software to a detailed, optimized Nutrigation program.





The service is Free of Charge !