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NutriNet™ is an online service for growers and agronomy experts,
aiming to optimize fertilization programs. 







Haifa NutriNet™ is a powerful tool made to help growers to plan irrigation schemes and nutrigation (fertigation) programs, with consideration of the actual growth conditions. NutriNet™ takes you to the next level of plant nutrition with the most sophisticated expert system platform. The software is operated over the web exclusively.
Haifa Group is globally known for its core value of Knowledge Sharing. Growers from all over the world use its detailed guides and fertilization programs to get the most of their crops.

Haifa NutriNet™ uses a comprehensive databases of crop nutrition requirements, that meets almost any growth environment. Through a sequence of steps, the user retrieves or enters information, which is integrated by the software to a detailed, optimized Nutrigation program.



The service is Free of Charge !



Uri Ben-Basat | Israel:
My name is Uri Ben-Basat. I am a farmer, manager, and agronomical consultant, working globally. I'm dealing mostly with fertilization of open field crops, orchards, and soilless-grown crops.I have a wide experience and profound knowledge in applying Haifa's water-soluble fertilizers in various countries, due to the devoted support I received from Haifa team members worldwide. 

During the last year I was introduced with the NutriNet™ software, that opened a new world for me and allowed me to take a significant leap in my ability to set and suit fertilization programs for various crops, in different countries, under various climate conditions and sometimes using limited choice of fertilizers.    

Dr. Chanan Sluszny from Haifa Group helps me a lot to work with the software and to explore its capabilities and to plan proper use of fertilizers.

With appreciation, 
Uri Ben-Basat.


Anonymous | Mexico:
Hola, buen día

Me ha parecido una plataforma muy interesante y muy efectiva para el uso diario en nuestro caso, ya que apoyamos al cliente en cuestiones de nutrición en sus cultivos y para ser mas efectivos lo hacemos en base a análisis de agua y suelo. Aquí es donde se hace uso de NutriNet.

En mi caso con NutriNet nos apoyamos en cuestión de realizar una sugerencia de fertilización, usando los análisis del cliente para hacer los cálculos, con el fin de ser un poco mas certeros a la hora de hacer la sugerencia. Me ha gustado que es muy útil para el uso de invernaderos, en el cálculo de sus soluciones nutritivas, debido a que nos da las cantidades de fertilizante a mezclar en los diferentes tanques de soluciones madre, brindando una solución nutritiva balanceada.

Gracias, saludos.