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Boost your crop yields and optimize resource use with NutriNet™,
the cutting-edge online platform for precision Nutrigation™.


NutriNet™ is a powerful tool that help growers to plan irrigation schemes and Nutrigation™ (fertigation) programs, considering the actual growth conditions.

NutriNet™ uses a comprehensive databases of crop nutrition requirements, that meets almost any growth environment.
Through a sequence of simple steps, the user retrieves or enters information, which is integrated by the software to a detailed, optimized Nutrigation program.

The upgraded version of NutriNet™ is now available, offering unique features that empower you to manage your plant nutrition like never before:

  • Nutrient needs: Access built-in databases or tailor your own.
  • Nutrigation™ settings: Define your system or use defaults.
  • Analyses: Water, soil, and tissue data collection made easy.
  • Reports: Generate in-depth program PDFs, highlighting key stages.
  • Dealer locator: Find Haifa Group experts near you for top-notch support.
  • NEW! Carbon footprint calculator: Compare Nutrigation™ to top-dressing, choose greener practices. Learn more

Let NutriNet™ take you to the next level of plant nutrition with the most sophisticated expert system platform.
The software is operated over the web exclusively