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NutriNet™ - Plant Nutrition Expert System

NutriNet™ is a new online service for growers and agronomy experts, aiming to optimize fertilization programs. 


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Haifa NutriNet™ is a powerful tool made to help growers to plan irrigation schemes and nutrigation (fertigation) programs considering actual growth conditions. NutriNet™ takes you to the next level of plant nutrition with the most sophisticated expert system platform. The software is operated over the web exclusively.


Haifa Group is globally known for its core value of Knowledge Sharing. Growers from all over the world use its detailed guides and fertilization programs to get the most of their crops. NutriNet™ gives growers and agronomist a powerful web based expert system for getting personalized fertilization programs and application guidelines.
Haifa NutriNet™ leans on comprehensive databases of crop nutrition, irrigation, soils and climates that meet almost any growth environment. Through a sequence of stages the user retrieves or enters information, which is integrated by the software to a detailed, optimized Nutrigation program.

Start Using Haifa NutriNet™ Now

Haifa NutriNet™ -Main Features

Crop nutritional requirements – The database includes nutrition data of 80 common crops.
Expected yield level.
Growth conditions – NutriNet™ considers growth in open field, tunnels or greenhouse.
Soil data – Different levels of information may be used. The higher the precision of the soildetails, the generated program will be tuned more finely.
Climate conditions - A wealth of data characterizing climatic conditions at a large variety of meteorological stations worldwide is included.
Irrigation schedule – based on specific water requirements of the crop, soil type, climatic conditions and the irrigation equipment being used.

Enjoy a reach and updated database about the crops you grow Get a step-by-step Nutrigation™ program. From analyzing the crop's growth needs,  to a complete practical schedule Work with the most accurate plant nutrition programs Incorporating local meteorological data, soil analysis, irrigation water quality, and more. Create, store and control multiple fertilization program following the growth stages of  your crops.


The service is Free of Charge !
Nutrigation™ is best viewed on desktops & laptops