Center Pivot Irrigation



Nutritional SolutionsCombined nutritional solutions

for Center Pivot Irrigated Crops








Haifa's combined nutritional solutions

Nutritional programs may include a combination of products and application methods.


















Target crops






Pioneering Products, superior benefits

Fertilizers for base dressing: controlled release

Coated nutrients, based on Multicote™ technology provides continuous nutrition throughout the season.

Recommended products:

  • CoteN™ - coated nitrogen, 2 or 4 months release
  • Coated Turbo-K™ 14-14-17+2MgO+ME
  • Customized formulae are available





Fertilizers for base dressing: Haifa Turbo-K™

  • Granular fertilizers for soil application
  • Based on Haifa’s Multi-K™
  • Formulae contain N,P,K, Mg, S, Fe, Zn





Soluble fertilizers for Nutrigation™










Keeping the pipes safe

 Corrosion damages to the pipes are influenced by the nutritional solution’s pH

 Haifa’s nutritional solutions for center pivot irrigation

  keep the pH within the safe range

♦ Chlorides and sulfates in the nutritional solution accelerate corrosion

♦ Haifa’s soluble fertilizers are virtually free of chlorides and sulfates


                                        Products for Foliar Nutrition                                                                     

 Haifa Bonus™ 13-2-44

 Poly-Feed ™ Vegetative Booster 21-21-21

  Crop specific Poly-Feed™ formulas

  • Poly Potato
  • Poly Maize
  • Others





A range of biostimulants, designed to generate

+  Superior plant development

+  Better soil structure

+  Higher yields

+  Reduced environmental impact    



The HaifaStim™ range

A sustainable growth boosting system, offeering an empowering synergy with Haifa’s plant nutrition products.

HaifaStim™ range products include: HaifaStim™ AminHaifaStim™ HumicHaifaStim™ Mar

HaifaStim™ is a range of biostimulants, carefully formulated to reinforce the plant and to improve its growth environment, in order to support optimal growth, to boost yields and to maximize quality.

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