Potato crop guide - get the most of your potato fertilizer

Recommended soil types for growing potatoes, special sensitivities, nutritional requirements and fertilization recommendations for various fertilizers  –Find all there is to know about how to grow potato in Haifa's complete crop guide

Growing potatoes and getting high yield of quality crop requires knowledge and expertise. Haifa's potato crop guide provides profound and practical knowledge gathered over decades of field experience that will greatly assist you in achieving optimal plant nutrition and obtaining excellent results in the field.

Here are just few of the facts, tips and knowledge you will find in this thorough crop guide:

  •  The potato ranks as the world's fourth most important food crop, after maize, wheat and rice.
  •  Since potatoes are sensitive to the chloride anion, it is essential to use chloride-free fertilizers, which contribute to increased yield and quality.
  •  Potato growth is classified into five distinct growth phases, and each growth stage has to be considered when managing the crop.
  •  The highest requirement for potassium is during the bulking up stage of the tubers. The flowering of potato plants indicates the beginning of this morphological stage.
  •  Adequate control over Nitrogen (N) supply is highly important to obtain high yields of excellent quality potatoes.
  •  Calcium deficiency interferes with root growth, causes deformation of foliage growth tips, and may result in reduced yields and poor quality.


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