Safety from Head to Toe

Haifa Group prioritizes the safety of its employees, contractors and customers, and takes comprehensive actions to maintain their safety and health.

The commitment to human well-being and maintaining safety is rooted in our corporate culture. As part of this concept, the Haifa Group invests a lot of resources in creating a safe working environment.

Haifa Group is committed to meticulously maintain and comply with the requirements of laws, regulations, orders and professional rules relating to safety, occupational health and the environment, wherever it operates. Every manager and every employee are responsible for carrying out their tasks in a safe manner, with safety preference over operational considerations.

Compliance with strict standards
Enforcement of safety procedures
Investment in research and development
Safety education
Proactive safety

Haifa Group initiates many actions to maintain safety, including compliance with the voluntary OHSAS 18001 standard for safety and health at work. Obtaining the standard requires the setting up and maintaining of a safety management system, performing stringent tests by the Standards Institute, and taking ongoing actions to identify, assess and prevent risks. The group has recently been working on the transition to ISO 45001 - the new international standard for an occupational safety and health management system.

Creating a safe work environment using safety patrols and the appointing safety trustees. Safety patrols at the group's sites aim at locating hazards and preventing them while conducting risk surveys. Safety trustees are entrusted with imparting safety knowledge and enforcing routine safety procedures.

Haifa Group has developed unique techniques for safety production processes, which remove possible risks in advance and thus contribute significantly to maintaining employee safety.

Raising awareness of maintaining safety through conferences and fun days, where safety procedures are updated, safety challenges are raised and tools are acquired that contribute to strengthening the level of safety, including practical experiences.

The Group's employees are at the forefront, doing business in a safe and hazards-free environment. In order to encourage proactive thinking, learning processes, round tables and discussions are regularly carried out, in the framework of which new initiatives are put in place to prevent dangers and constantly improve the level of safety in the various projects.