Sustainable Development Goals

Taking care of the environment and much more. Haifa Group prioritizes the sustainability issue and leads extensive activities to create a sustainable environment, economy and society.


As a multinational corporation renowned for its pioneering spirit and innovative solutions for agriculture strengthening, sustainability and environmental concern are an integral part of the Haifa group's DNA.
In the depth of commitment to environmental and human well-being, the company strives to develop sustainable living in various ways.

Haifa Group employs approximately 5,000 workers directly and indirectly and provides livelihoods for residents worldwide through its research & development center and multiple manufacturing facilities.

For its deep connection to the environment, Haifa Group accepted the challenge of being part of the global effort and to act in accordance with the goals of the UN Sustainable Development Program, with the aim to encourage other businesses around the world to embrace responsible social policy


Encouraging sustainable agriculture
Energy saving
Good health & Well-being
Sustainable community
Beyond green energy

Developing new plant nutrition products and techniques that contribute to the ecological balance maintenance such as developing complex fertilizers that provide a perfect plant nutrition as well as reduces the emissions of greenhouse gases by 30%

Developing smart solutions that save energy and heavy machinery at the time of placement. These solutions allow single application throughout the growing period, through controlled and continuous release of nutrients in the root area.

Haifa Group considers itself committed to providing its employees with a safe and healthy work environment as much as possible. The safety policy of Haifa Group is an integral part of the Group's strategy, and is periodically reviewed and explained to all of its employees.

Cultivating urban agriculture through highly efficient fertilizers that help produce maximum produce in minimum area. In addition, these fertilizers are particularly effective for cultivating small area crops. Also, Haifa Group is taking part in an effort to increase agricultural crops through innovative solutions and advanced fertilization methods. This is against the backdrop of a UN forecast of around 70% of global food consumption by 2050.

Potassium and nitrate sodium production, are used to store energy at solar thermal stations and contribute to a significant reduction in fossil fuel use.n addition, the Group's plants use Israeli natural gas as an energy source, known as efficient, economical and which reduces air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.