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Multi-K™ potassium nitrate fertilizers

Multi-K™, Haifa’s flagship potassium nitrate brand, is the basis of a whole line of plain and enriched potassium nitrate products, designed for optimal plant nutrition.
Potassium nitrate is a high quality source of both potassium and nitrogen, two essential macronutrients (primary nutrients) for plants. Since a healthy growth requires large amounts of nitrogen and potassium, these elements have to be applied to the soil regulary. That's where Haifa Multi-K™ potassium nitrate based fertilizers enter the picture.

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Haifa Multi-K™ Potassium Nitrate Products Range
Haifa Multi-K™ Classic
 Haifa Multi-K™ Classic - Potassium Nitrate 13-0-46Multi-K™ Classic  13-0-46Potassium nitrate


Special grades

Multi-K™ GG | Multi-K™ Phast | Multi-K™ Absolute | Multi-K™ Reci

Multi-K™ GG13.5-0-46.2Greenhouse - grade potassium nitrate
Multi-K™ pHast13.5-0-46.2Low - pH potassium nitrate
Multi-K™ Reci13.5-0-46.5Potassuim nitrate with low sodium content


Enriched products






Potassium nitrate enriched with phosphate
Multi-K™ Mg






Potassium nitrate enriched with Magnesium
Multi-K™ Zn




Potassium nitrate enriched with Zinc
Multi-K™ S12-0-46+4SO3Potassium nitrate enriched with Sulfate
Multi-K™ B12-0-42+1BPotassium Nitrate enriched with Boron
Multi-K™ ME13-0-45+MEPotassium nitrate enriched with micronutrients


Multi-K™ Prills

Multi-K™ Prills13-0-46Potassium nitrate prills
Multi-npK™ PrillsPotassium nitrate enriched with Phosphorus
Multi-K™ Mg PrillsPotassium nitrate enriched Magnesium


The roles of Potassium (K) in the plant:

  • Necessary for formation of sugars and starch
  • Activator of enzymatic reaction
  • Maintains turgor
  • Regulates opening of leaf stomata
  • Build cell walls


Due to its roles in many plant systems, potassium improves plant durability and improves yield quality:

  • Improved drought resistance
  • Increased winter hardiness
  • Better disease resistance
  • Improved yield quality
  • Longer storage life


Potassium nitrate - A synergistic effect

The nitrate facilitates uptake and improves potassium absorption by the plant.
Efficient N source: All the nitrogen in Multi-K™ is the form of Nitrate (NO3-).

  • Fully water soluble.
  • Consists of 100% plant macronutrients.
  • Free of chloride, sodium and other detrimental elements for plants.
  • Efficiently absorbed by plants.
  • Wide-range compatibility with all types of fertilizers and agrochemicals.
  • Non-volatile; easy to apply with no nitrogen losses to the atmosphere.

Potassium nitrate - A synergistic effect

The presence of nitrate in Multi-K™ enables the plant to minimize its uptake of chloride, whenever this damaging anion is present in the soil solution or in the irrigation water.

This makes Multi-K™ a necessity for chloride-sensitive crops.