Potassium Nitrate Fertilizer Products

 Range of KNO3 Fertilizer Products - Multi-K™ 

Multi-K™, Haifa’s potassium nitrate, is a unique source of potassium by its nutritional value, fertilization efficiency, application considerations and environmental impact.

Multi-K™ contains 100% plant macronutrients - potassium (K) and nitrate-nitrogen (N-NO3). Plants absorb the nutrients from Multi-K™ rapidly and efficiently, in a balanced manner.

Multi-K™ potassium nitrate increases yields and improves quality in vegetables, field crops, fruit trees and flowers.


6 things you should know about Multi-K™ potassium nitrate


The benefits of Multi-K™ potassium nitrate

Stronger & healthier plants
 Higher yield and better quality
 Water saving
 Counteracting salinity damages

Multi-K™ is a necessity for chloride-sensitive crops.

The presence of nitrate in Multi-K™ enables the plant to minimize its uptake of chloride,
whenever this damaging anion is present in the soil solution or in the irrigation water.


How the potassium in Multi-K™ helps your plants?

The Multi-K™ range

Multi-K™ potassium nitrate is available in a variety of compositions, to suit specific crop requirements and growth environments.
Multi-K™ is suitable for Nutrigation™ (Fertigation) and foliar fertilization.
Multi-K™ Prills are ideal for direct soil application. Special grades of Multi-K™ potassium nitrate meet the requirements of greenhouses, soilless systems and hydroponics

Learn how to choose the right potassium nitrate product for your crops

Multi-K™ GG
Greenhouse-grade potassium nitrate, 13.5-0-46.2

Multi-K™ Classic
Crystalline potassium Nitrate 13-0-46 

Multi-K pHast
Low-pH potassium nitrate, 13.5-0-46.2

Multi-K™ Reci
Potassium nitrate with extra-low sodium content for recirculated systems, 13.5-0-46.5


Enriched products

Potassium nitrate enriched with Phosphate
13-3-43 | 13-2-44 | 12-2-44 | 13-5-42

Multi-K™ Mg
Potassium nitrate enriched with Magnesium
12-0-44+1MgO | 12-0-43+2MgO | 11-0-40+4MgO | 12-2-43+1MgO | 12-0-43+1MgO+ME

Multi-K™ Zn 
Potassium nitrate enriched with Zinc
11-0-40+4Zn | 12-0-43+2Zn | 13-0-44+1Zn

Multi-K™ S
Potassium nitrate enriched with Sulfate 12-0-46+4SO3

Multi-K™ B
Potassium nitrate enriched with Boron 12-0-42+1B

Multi-K™ ME 
Potassium nitrate enriched with micronutrients 13-0-45+ME


Multi-K™ Prills

Multi-K™ Prills 
Potassium nitrate prills 13-0-46

Multi-npK™ prills
Potassium nitrate enriched with Phosphate 12-3-43 | 13-2-44

Multi-™Mg prills
Potassium nitrate enriched with Magnesium
12-0-44+1MgO | 11-0-39+4MgO | 12-0-42+2MgO


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