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Banana Guide: Get the most out of your banana fertilizers

Haifa’s Nutri Haitech™ offers comprehensive nutritional solutions for precision agriculture, designed to make your operations more sustainable and efficient, reduce waste and pollution, and of course, increase yields. 
The Nutri Haitech™ advanced solutions combine plant nutrients that are targeted at the plant’s needs, paired with cutting edge, easy-to-use, ergonomic apps that empower you to create optimal fertilization plans for any terrain or weather conditions. 
Don't miss out on this opportunity to revolutionize your field practices and join the global movement towards a more sustainable agriculture.

Highlights for your Banana crop nutrition

Being often grown in tropical rainy areas and having a shallow root system, leaching of nutrients is of major concern in banana plantations, and fertilization must be carefully planned to ensure nutrient use efficiency.  The main issue related to the nutrition of banana crops is potassium supply, both in absolute quantities and proportion to other nutrients.

Foliar nutrition

The rapid growth of the banana plant, the extensive leaf area, along with suppression of nutrient uptake by roots resulted from humid conditions, foliar application of nutrients is highly effective in banana.  Regular application of K, N, Ca, Mg & S are recommended, mainly during the stages of fruit bearing.
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Nitrogen sources

Nitrate (NO3-) is the preferable form of nitrogen for the banana crop, as it suppresses the uptake of chloride (Cl-) while promoting the uptake of essential cations, such as potassium (K+), magnesium (Mg2+) and Calcium (Ca2+). Nitrate raises the pH of soil solution near the root system, which is beneficial in acidic soils.


Banana is a heavy potassium consumer: K uptake may exceed 60% of the total crop’s nutrition. Potassium levels affect plant growth, yield, fruit quality and shelf life. There is a high correlation between potassium application and fruit weight. Foliar application of potassium is an efficient way to complete banana plant’s growth needs.
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Controlled release fertilizers

Many banana growing areas suffer a high rate of fertilizer leaching. Controlled-release fertilizers would release gradually all plant nutrients according to growth needs, preventing leaching losses and improving nutrient use efficiency.
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Establishment: Nitrogen is the key element for rapid growth, affecting leaf number and size, as well as unfolding:  The more foliage grown at this stage the higher the yield potential and bunch grade. Potassium uptake at this stage is also very high and requires monitoring to ensure adequate supply for optimal growth. Most phosphorus should be applied at this stage.

Inflorescence emergence:  Potassium stimulates early shooting and faster fruit maturation. K uptake levels off after bunch emergence, thus 80% of K should be applied by flowering.

Maturation and harvest: Leaf N:K ratio for optimum yields is 1:1 - 1:1.6. A lower rate might lead to finger drop, delayed emergence, fragile pedicels and spread hands.


Haifa Solutions for banana nutrition

Note: the recommendations brough here should be considered as general guidelines.
The actual program should consider the plant status and growth conditions.
Consult Haifa agronomist to suit the optimal nutritional program for your grape crop.    

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Multi-K fertilizer for growing banana treesRead more



Banana Fertilizers & Crop Guide crop guide

Banana Guide: Get the most out of your banana fertilizers Haifa’s Nutri Haitech™ offers comprehensive nutritional solutions for precision agriculture,...