Multicote™ Agri - Controlled release fertilizers for agriculture


Optimal plant nutrition  |  Reduced application rates | Labor saving  | Environmentally friendly

Multicote™ Agri Controlled Release Fertilizers feed crops continuously throughout the growth season – for optimal growth and yield production.
Based on Haifa’s polymer coating technology, Multicote™ Agri release nutrients to the soil in a gradual manner, according to plant’s requirements. This prevents the leaching of nutrients, thus improving nutrient use efficiency and allowing for reduced application rates.
Multicote™ Agri is available in a wide range of and release profiles, for optimal match to crop requirements and growth conditions. Use the MultiMatch™ web software to select the best formula for you needs.

Main formulae                                                                               

Longevity*Formula% coated nutrients
4 months17-9-2790-50-100
6 months22-8-13100-100-100
8 months11-22-9+4MgO+B 


When to use Multicote™ Agri
Multicote™ Agri is highly beneficial

  • On light soils, where conventional fertilizers are easily leached

  • In rainy areas, when rainfall accelerates nutrient leaching

  • Wherever nitrogen application is limited, e.g. by environmental regulations

  • For crops with a shallow root system

  • For crops with high nutritional requirements

  • In cases where mid-season application is not feasible (e.g. when the crop covers the soil surface, in mulched crops and in muddy fields)

Multicote™ Agri Junior – the best start for young orchards

Fertilization independent of irrigation
As Multicote™ Agri is applied directly to the soil, it depends neither on irrigation equipment nor water quantities. When excess irrigation is applied to prevent salinity build-up, soluble fertilizers given through the irrigation system are wasted. Multicote™ Agri prevents this scenario.
Multicote Agri™ also cancels the need for technical irrigation, given in rainy days just to provide nutrition. Thus, Multicote™ Agri saves bothers and water.


Download the complete Multicote™ Agri handbook
Multicote Agri™ applicator for orchards
Multicote™ Agri for oil palm