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Multicote Technology

Polymer coating controlled-release technology


phase 1 pictureMulticote™ products are based on polymer-coated fertilizer granules.
During the production process, water-soluble nutrients are encapsulated in a polymeric shell.This shell prevents the immediate dissolution of the fertilizer when applied to the soil.The thickness of the shell determines the longevity of nutrients release. 


phase 2 picture
Following application, soil moisture slowly penetrates through the coating.
This moisture starts a gradual dissolution of the nutrients inside the granule.


phase 3 pictureThe dissolved nutrients diffuse through the coating to the root zone, providing the plant with available nutrients at measured portions – according to its growth needs. 
The rate of diffusion – the actual release rate depends upon and is dictated solely by the soil temperature. The release rate increases as temperature rises, just as happens with plant uptake rates. The release rate during this phase is constant, given sufficient moisture for plant growth and subject to soil temperature fluctuations only.


phase 4 picture
While nutrients are released to the root zone, further penetration of moisture dissolves more of the solid fertilizer.
At a certain stage, the entire content of the granule is dissolved, ready for diffusion and release.
From this stage the release rate slows down.


phase 5 picture
After the release is complete, the empty shell ruptures and degrades, leaving no residues in the soil.