Haifa Group's Code of Conduct 


The Code of Conduct of the employees of Haifa Group is based on the governing laws and regulations of both Israel and the international community. The Group is committed to comply with all laws, beliefs, and rules relevant to its activity, to conform to universal moral values and adhere to proper administration principles. This document is not intended to replace the Group's Code of Ethics or any of the different regulations but to supplement them. Any references to male employees throughout this document shall be taken to refer, of course, to female employees as well.


Code of Conduct guiding Haifa Group

  • High ethical conduct: integrity, reliability, honesty, adherence to appropriate and respectful personal behavior
  • Seeing the Group, its employees, customers, suppliers and business partners, as well as other companies of the international Haifa Group, as full partners in the fulfillment of the goals and obligations of the Group
  • Honesty in all of the Group’s relationships with customers, suppliers, business partners, competitors, government and civil entities, authorities, and its employees
  • High quality of products and services
  • Full compliance, at all times and places, with the organizational culture rules that the Group has defined and embraced, and with the requirements of laws and agreements - among others, with regard to reduction of environmental impacts and maintenance of a safe and healthy working environment
  • Perceiving customers and suppliers as the Group’s greatest assets and commitment to maintain their satisfaction
  • Regarding our employees as the key to the Group’s success and committing to their advancement and nurture, and to strengthening their sense of belonging and identification with the Group and its goals, while treating all employees equally, regardless of religion, race, gender, age or opinion


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