Fertilization Methods

Haifa's nutritional solutions combine quality fertilizers and highly efficient application methods.
Supporting optimal plant development and maximazing yields while minimizing losses and environmental contamination.

Nutrigation™ (fertigation)    
Application of pure nutrients through the irrigation water enables optimal match between nutrition and growth requirements. Haifa offers Nutrigation™ programs for fruit trees, vegetables in open field, greenhouse crops, and hydroponics .

Foliar Feeding    
Foliar Feeding provides fast, on-the-spot nutrition. It complements soil fertilization, corrects deficiencies, and ensures adequate nutrition at specific growth stages.

Soil Application    
Practiced in all types of open field crops and fruit trees, soil application of granular fertilizers is more efficient when using pure, chloride-free nutrients.

 CRF Application  
Single application provides complete, highly efficient plant nutrition over months