Fertigation / Nutrigation™

The benefits of Nutrigation

The application of nutrients through irrigation systems is referred to as Nutrigation or Fertigation. The incorporation of soluble fertilizers into the irrigation water is facilitated the integration and harmonization between the application of water and plant nutrients. Using NutrigationTM, an adequate supply of nutrients and water can be directed towards the plant root zone to satisfy plant demands during the various growth stages.


The daily application rate of nutrients through Nutrigation is changing during the growing season and is planned to follow plant daily demand according to its nutrients uptake pattern. Nutrigation, in any irrigation system, requires the injection of soluble fertilizer solutions into the irrigation water by a dosing devices-injectors. High quality, fully water soluble fertilizers are required  for the preparation of an appropriate nutrient solutions.

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Fertigation: A Tool for efficient fertilizer and water management | Prof. Uzi Kafkafi and Dr. Jorge Tarchitzky

Fertigation: A Tool for Efficient Fertilizer and Water Management is a new comprehensive compilation of all important aspects of the fertigation technique. It was written by two of Israel's prominent researchers in the field of advanced plant nutrition, i.e. Prof' Uzi Kafkafi and Dr. Jorge Tarchitzky, who combined the Israeli and worldwide knowhow from both the academic and the field phases, supported by 268 bibliography articles. The book includes many practical features dealing with the day-to-day fertigation techniques for the cultivation of field crops, fruit trees, vegetables and ornamentals, with a special focus on soilless methods. 

The book was sponsored by IFA and IPI, and Haifa markedly contributed to its contents too.


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