Haifa's R&D center

Continuous investment in research and development gives rise to innovative solutions, and places Haifa Group At the forefront of improving agriculture in Israel and the world.


The world around us is constantly changing, affecting the needs of the agricultural industry as well. In an era when growing needs to be more resilient, more productive and have a longer shelf life, the Haifa Group invests considerable resources in developing innovative solutions that lead to optimal productivity while protecting the environment, for the benefit of farmers and consumers.

Haifa Group's Innovation and Development Center
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The R&D center located at Aaronsohn Farm in Atlit is a significant pillar of the Haifa group's work, considered a multinational pioneer in the development of innovative solutions in the field of specialty fertilizers.

In order to develop the tools & technologies, innovative tests and experiments are being conducted at the center to study and improve plant nutrition. Academy researchers work alongside farmers and agronomists, and together with the knowledge and experience that Haifa brings with it, breakthrough ideas are born that affect the global agriculture industry. The place also functions as the visitor center of the Haifa group, which allows professional groups from Israel and the world to be exposed to the most advanced technology in the field of modern plant fertilization and agriculture.

Aaronsohn Farm operated as the first agricultural experiment station in Israel from 1910-1917. The farm was founded and managed by agronomist Aaron Aaronsohn, who was known around the world for discovering "the mother of wheat" and was one of the founders of the Nili underground. As part of the vision for agricultural development in Israel, Aaronsohn conducted a wide range of research and experiments to adapt the varieties and crops to local conditions.

In 2014, the Haifa Group was given the opportunity to take part in revitalizing the historic farm and preserving Aharon Aaronsohn's professional heritage as a pioneer in advanced agriculture. As part of this legacy revival, the Haifa Group is cooperating with Tel Aviv University's Grain Crop Research Institute in genetic studies of the original "Wheat Mother". The ongoing investment in research and development enables the Haifa Group to produce a range of breakthrough solutions and applications:

Controlled release fertilizers with Multicote ™ technology - a solution that allows continuous release of all necessary nutrients to the plant throughout the growing period, assists in optimal feed, reduces plant fertilizer consumption (sometimes by tens of percent), saves time for farmers and prevents soil runoff and soil water.

Advanced solutions for greenhouse crops - Greenhouses with a detached substrate are most often reused for irrigation surplus, and are characterized by the accumulation of sodium that damages the growth of the crop. For such situations, Haifa Group has developed Multi-K ™, a fertilizer that contains zero levels of sodium and allows for optimal growth of the crop.

Feed the crop through the irrigation system - Nutrigation allows even distribution of nutrients, leading to sustained feeding and saving valuable time spent on manual or mechanized fertilization.

Building a smart fertilizer program - through Haifa's unique technology system, NutriNet developed in our innovation center After entering the necessary information, the system weights all the data and creates accurate fertilization plans that are suitable for crops and fertilization systems.

Knowledge and experience from over 50 years of operations together with the desire to learn and develop in accordance with global changes are the ones that make up the scientific uniqueness of the company and make the Haifa group one of the leading companies in the field of fertilizers in the world.