About Haifa group

Haifa Group is a multi-national corporation and a global leading supplier of specialty plant nutrition. The company's decades of operations have made Haifa a world leader, known for delivering innovative solutions in all the areas of its expertise.

Haifa Group, founded in 1966, develops, produces and supplies a wide range of specialty fertilizers in more than 100 countries. Haifa group includes 17 subsidiaries worldwide and production facilities in Israel, France and Canada.
Haifa’s premium products provide optimized plant nutrition and are valued for their high efficiency, crop- suitability, low chloride content, and purity. Haifa's portfolio includes soluble fertilizers for Nutrigation™ and foliar sprays, controlled-release fertilizers and granular fertilizers for soil application. With innovative plant nutrition schemes and highly efficient application methods, Haifa’s solutions provide balanced and precise plant nutrition. This ultimately delivers maximum efficiency, optimal plant development and minimized losses to the environment.



Farmer's mind

In Haifa Group we think like farmers. Being acquainted with the farmer's work and aware of the challenges that he faces, we attempt to provide products and service suited to specific working environments. 
Haifa teams worldwide maintain continuous contact with growers, hearing from them about their needs, in order to share our knowledge and provide them solutions that consider their preferences. 


As a company that advances agriculture worldwide, Haifa Group puts the environment at the forefront of its concerns, attempting to minimize the ecological footprint of all our operations and products. 
For its deep connection to the environment, Haifa Group has undertaken the challenge of being part of global efforts and to act in accordance with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.

Increasing agricultural productivity

Modern agriculture is required to feed the growing world population, using depleting resources of land, water and minerals.  Haifa Group is committed to provide breakthrough developments to allow maximum efficiency of crop production, to provide more food with optimal conditions.

Pioneering the future

The key mission of Haifa Group is to create efficient and effective plant-feeding solutions and tools for farmers around the world. We constantly create inspirational solutions for the growing challenges of our changing world, and provide innovative products designed to enhance plant nutrition and boost grower's profit while minimizing environmental harm.

The birth of the company

It all started from a scientist's idea to produce potassium nitrate: from Israel's few natural resources.

A new plant was established in Haifa

With the establishment of the new factory, malfunctions are discovered and the place is shut down. The settlement of the problems lasts two years.

The upheaval

Haifa begins to export its products and within 4 years has become a profitable company.

Breakthrough developments

The company's scientists are developing advanced and revolutionary fertilizer products that are becoming international brands.

From the stock exchange in Israel - to subsidiaries in the world

The company is listed on the Israel Stock Exchange, rebranded and begins to establish subsidiaries around the world.

Innovative Fertilization Technologies

Controlled release fertilization technology developed by the company makes the product advice even more innovative and strengthens the innovative advantage of Haifa.

New factory and business competition

A new factory is located in the south of the country.

Israeli exports are growing

Haifa publishes an investment plan that aims to double the group's production capacity to help the Israeli economy grow, create new jobs in the south and contribute to increasing agricultural productivity.

Sustainable development

Haifa expands its investment in sustainable development and is accepted into the UN's Sustainability Organization, thus adopting the Global Compact - a responsible policy program and social responsibility.

Growing Israeli exports

Haifa continues its contribution to the Israeli economy in employment, exports and economic development.

after 2020
Pioneering the Future

Haifa develops applications, innovative technologies for sharing accessible and fast knowledge with the world's farmers.